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Friday, January 7, 2011

Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod, Fort Gwalior, MP, India

          Gurdwara Data Bandi Chod, Fort Gwalior signifies the release of 52 Rajput Rulers from the prison of Emperor Jahangir by Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib (Sixth Great Master of Sikhs) in 17th century. To know the History of this Gurdwara, see the link,"History of Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod, Fort Gwalior" given at top right hand side of this blog.

      Sri Guru Hargobind Ji wore two swords Miri (signifiied royalty) and Piri (signified spirituality). He got the Lohgarh Fort constructed at Amritsar (Symbol of Military power) and also constructed Akal Takhat Sahib (Symbol of Royal power).

        Construction of the Gurdwara was started in 1968 by Sant Baba Uttam Singh Ji, the successor of Sant Baba Gurmukh Singh, Sant Baba Sadhu Singh and Sant Baba Jhanda Singh of Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib, Punjab. 

          The responsibility of administration of the Gurdwara was given to Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji, who executed the same with full dedication till 1993.


               At present, the the administration of the Gurdwara is looked after by Sant Baba Sewa Singh Ji, known for his contributions in the field of environment, education, sports, spirtuality and social service. His selfless service to the mankind has been recognised by the Government of India by awarding him the "Padam Shri" in March 2010. He was also honored by the UN Secretary General His Excellency Ban Ki Moon for contributions in the field of environment protection during World Conference at Windsor Castle near London in November 2009. For further information on Baba Sewa Singh, see the link, "A multi-facet personality Baba Sewa Singh Ji" given at top right hand side of this blog.

        Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod is a Magnificent 6 story building made of white Marble. Inside of Gurdwara is very attractive with gold plated doors and "Palki Sahib".

          A large and attractive "Darshani Deorhi" ( Enterance Gate) housing Multimedia Sikh Museum is the main attraction for the pilgrims and tourists. Detailed information of the same is given at the link, " Destination for everyone, Multimedia Sikh Museum at Gurdwara Data bandi Chhod, Fort Gwalior, Mp, India" given at top right hand side of this blog. The landscaping of the lawns attracts many nature loving visitors.

 Thousands of devotees from local area and far off places in India and abroad gather here on every "Massaya" (No moon night) and the the occasion is celebrated with "Diwan" (Congregation) at night. To cater this requirement, a large "Diwan" (Congregation) Hall has been constructed. 

        A large and a spacious "Langar" (Community kitchen) Hall caters the need of the visiters.

              A "Yatri Niwas" (Place for the visitor to stay) is under construction. 30 rooms with good facilities along with five spacious halls have been constructed . In addition, about 40 rooms and 10 spacious halls are available in old "Yatri Niwas".


        To make the environment pollution free, Kaar Sewa (Selfless Service), an organisation looking after administration of the Gurdwara has planted a number of decorative, flowering and fruit bearing trees along roads at the Fort and Gwalior city. For further information on Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib, see the article, "Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib" at link

       Kaar Sewa is also looking after the administration of Gurdwara Paua Sahib(Ghatampur) and Gudwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Phool bagh, Gwalior).  To get information on all the Gurdwaras maintained by Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib see the article "Historical Gurdwaras constructed/Renovated/Maintained/Supervised by Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib" at link To provide quality education to the children living in remote areas, Dera Kaar Sewa has started Shri Guru Hargobind Public School Booti Kuian (Distt. Bhind), Bandi Chhod Academy Gharsondi (Gwalior) and Bandi Chhod Academy Mohna (Gwalior). In addition, Kaar Sewa had also started Guru Nanak Senior Secondary School Dabra (Gwalior) and Sri Guru Hargobind Public School Sheopur. After making these schools financially self sufficient, both the schools have been handed over to the local Management Commitee. To get detailed information about Education Institutes managed by Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib, see the article, "Education Institutes Managed by Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib" at link


    A special care is taken to look after pilgrims and visitors to Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod. A free bus service is provided from Railway Station Gwalior to the Gurdwara Sahib to assist people coming from Punjab, Sachkhand Hazur Sahib Nanded or other places. Free accommodation and food (in community kitchen) is provided to all irrespective of the colour, cast or creed. A free dispensary with essential medicine is also available. A qualified doctor provides free treatment to the patients for an hour everyday. All these facilities are provided with the support of the kind donors. To see the remarks of the visitors, visit the link "Visitors delight-Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod, Fort Gwalior, MP, India" given at top right hand side of this blog.

      This Gurdwara is unique in two ways. Firstly, this is the only Gurdwara with two holy ponds. One for gents and the other for ladies. In other Gurdwaras, a corner of the holy pond is covered from all sides for the bath of the ladies.

       Secondly, This Gurdwara has the largest gold plated Kalsh at the top.

              The size of the Kalsh is 25 ft. No other Gurdwara has such a large Kalsh so far.

             An effort has been made to give information about the historical Gurdwara. All are cordially invited to visit and have a first hand experience of the place.( A similar life history of Sri Guru Angad Devji is given at the link Sikh Gurus and Sikh Gurdwaras at top right of this blog) Visitors and devotees are requested to forward the Photographs and suggestions to improve this blog. More information can be obtained from the following contacts:

     Postal Address:                            Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhod
                                                          Fort Gwalior, Gwalior,
                                                          MP, India

     Tele No:                                       +91-751-2480040, 2480776

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